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A Regular Engine Tuneup and a Healthy Vehicle

As most vehicle owners are aware, there are certain types of maintenance required on a vehicle at specific times in an automobile’s lifespan. Ignoring maintenance is often the fastest way to mechanical difficulties and a premature decline of the vehicle’s operations.

An appointment for a tuneup involves more than engine work, and a number of systems are checked during the process. For casual drivers or people who use their vehicle to commute a few miles each day, a yearly visit to the mechanic for an engine tuneup offers the chance to catch problems before they might impact the functionality of the vehicle.

Benefits of a regular tuneup include:

  1. Worn parts are replaced before failure occurs
  2. Fuel efficiency enhanced or returned to normal
  3. Engine life extended, and performance is enhanced
  4. Owner experiences fewer breakdowns

Projects Common with a Standard Tuneup:

  1. Replacement of spark plugs
  2. Timing and idle of the vehicle adjusted
  3. Maintenance on the clutch (for standard transmissions)
  4. Replacement of air filter or fuel filter

When to Seek a Tuneup:

  1. Gas mileage starts to suffer
  2. Check engine light illuminated
  3. Engine stalls or runs inconsistently
  4. Vehicle won’t start reliably
  5. Strange sounds come from the engine
  6. Vehicle won’t accelerate properly

When and if a vehicle owner wants to sell his car, evidence of regular tuneups, proper maintenance, and care will increase the value of the car as well as provide a strong tool for negotiating a higher sale price. Even if a vehicle has a hundred thousand miles on it, regular tuneups and simple replacement of items like the filters and spark plugs should mean that the engine and transmission have tens of thousands of miles left on them.

One important factor of obtaining a regular vehicle tuneup is that it’s not just the functionality of the vehicle at stake, but also the safety of the car or truck. When a system connected to the engine fails, or operates at a reduced efficiency, the performance of the engine suffers and the overall longevity of the machinery declines. Getting an engine tuneup each year is highly recommended for all vehicle owners.

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