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Queen Creek Side by Side / UTV Repair

UTV stands for utility task vehicles, utility terrain vehicles, or simply utility vehicles. They are also referred to as side-by-side. Whatever you call it, a Side by Side can be a game-changer when it comes to getting around on a job site, hauling equipment offroad or as a recreational vehicle.

You want to make sure that your side by side is ready for anything, so it’s important you keep up with routine maintenance. Maintaining your equipment will ensure top performance in any condition and help prevent costly downtime.

Maintenance is often overlooked side by side causing expensive problems. With a little bit of preventative maintenance done in Queen Creek by Midwest Motor Sports, you can help avoid future headaches and keep your side-by-side running at its best.

We specialize in maintaining and servicing the following makes and models:

Count on Midwest Motor Sports to perform services at our Queen Creek shop including:

    • Bolt-on accessories:
      Midwest Motor Sports maintains all brands of UTVs and installs a broad selection of the best UTV accessories to ensure many great days of riding for you and your passengers. We install everything for both inside and outside the cockpit to keep you moving forward.
    • Lube Oil & Filter:
      How often should you change the oil in your side by side? The short answer is that you should be replacing the engine oil every 40 hours or once a month, whichever comes first. Anywhere there are pivot points on your vehicle, you should see grease fittings, also known as zerk fittings, protruding out slightly from your vehicle. These fittings can help you keep your UTV working smoothly, as long as you grease them.
    • Inspect, add or replace the Coolant:
      Maintaining the cooling system will help you keep the seals cooled and lubricated and ultimately extend your UTV’s engine life.
    • Inspect &/or replace the Air Filter:
      Your UTV won’t run efficiently if it’s working with a dirty air filter. If you have a disposable filter, we can switch you to a serviceable filter that can be cleaned rather than replaced.
    • Inspect &/or Replace Spark Plugs:
      Your manufacturer recommends how often you need to change your UTV’s spark plugs. Keep in mind that these recommendations are based on an engine that’s in good working order and on an average amount of wear. If your UTV experiences a lot of wear and tear, you may need to change out the spark plugs more often — especially if you notice your side by side isn’t running like it used to.
    • Check &/or Replace the Battery if needed:
      Another issue you can experience when you leave your UTV in storage for a long time is a bad battery. We can evaluate if the battery still has the cranking power. It must be replaced if it proves to be bad.
    • Inspect pads and replace if necessary:
      Brakes are essential to your UTV’s function and your safety, so you should get the brakes inspected regularly to make sure they’re in good working order. Note the brake pads’ thickness, the quality of the lines, and the brake fluid level and condition.
    • Inspect &/or replace the belt:
      It’s a good idea to inspect your UTV’s drive system. For most side by side, this is a CVT belt drive system. The belt can endure a lot of wear and tear, but it eventually needs replacing, so you should check on its condition occasionally. Look for any signs of wear and tear like glazing or cracking that can indicate it’s time for a replacement.